Sure Wireless Head Light 5 watt
Sure Wireless Head Light 5 watt
Sure Wireless Head Light 5 watt
Sure Wireless Head Light 5 watt
Sure Wireless Head Light 5 watt
Sure Wireless Head Light 5 watt
Sure Wireless Head Light 5 watt
Sure Wireless Head Light 5 watt
Sure Wireless Head Light 5 watt
Sure Wireless Head Light 5 watt
Sure Wireless Head Light 5 watt
Sure Wireless Head Light 5 watt
Sure Wireless Head Light 5 watt
Sure Wireless Head Light 5 watt

Sure Wireless Head Light 5 watt


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Worlds first fully magnetic wireless headlight. 

You are one snap away from total freedom. Producing 50,000 LUX, our 360 degree LED Headlight lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge (1 hour charging time) while weighing only 31g. Sure light does not compromise performance for value. Fits any frame with our included magnetic clip.

Fits any frame with our  Universal Magnetic Clip that comes included with Magnetic Dental Loupes Wireless Headlight.

Included with your Purchase:

1x Sure Wireless Headlight 3 Watt, 1x Universal Magnetic Clip, 1x Battery Charge

Pay in full or in 4 interest-free installments with Shop Pay

Lasts A Work Day!

Ability to charge On-The-Go with a micro-usb charging port, you'll never need to worry about Our Sure Light failing you. At low settings, both variations of headlights will last you at least 4 hours & more to go!

Ideal Composite Filter

Our composite filter will prevent the curing of composites that can occur due to the intensive light beams projected by headlights.

Bundle with a Wireless Headlight For Dentists

Adjustable Power Settings

Both headlights come with four power settings.
1 Watt Sure Light has more of a natural light as for the 3 Watt Sure Light, is one of the strongest lights you'll need in any setting, you'll NEVER have to use max power. Recommended for Dentists.

Easy Clip ON & Snap ON

Made for convenience & comfort. Attachable magnetic clip for headlight fits onto ALL frames!

Wireless Sure Light Overview Video

Find out the difference between our 1 watt headlight & our 3 watt headlight.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Wireless Sure Light
  • 1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Headlight Clip
  • 1 x Composite Filter
Whats included with our Wireless Headlight For Loupes
Dental Hygienist Headlight

Truly Wireless

Let's help you get rid of your old wired headlights!

Aren't you tired of carrying around that bulky battery pack?

Worry no more! SureOptix has changed the way YOU think about dental headlights.

Why Choose SureOptix?

1-2 Day Shipping For Our Wireless Headlights

Worldwide Shipping

Ships in 1-2 business days after placing your order for a wireless headlight!

30 Day Risk-FREE guarantee for all of our products including our dental headlight

Money Back Guarantee

We are so certain you'll love our headlight we offer a risk free 30-Day money back guarantee.

Need help? We are here to answer any questions about wireless headlights

Support 24/7

If you can't reach us during business hours we have a 24/7 Live Chat service to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Overall Satisfied.

This light is very bright and works well. I like that it is more of a “white” light than a “yellow” light (I compare to daylight vs soft white with lightbulbs). The only thing that I wish was different is how broad the light shines. It doesn’t really focus on where I’m looking, but instead covers most the mouth which I feel makes it a little more difficult to see some areas.

Dr Dennis Chun

Great product. Works great as advertised. Excellent customer service. Delivered on time as promised.

Dr Yohanna Filpo
I’m glad I didn’t by another brand

I have been holding out to invest in dental loupes for a long time. After using my Sureoptix I can say that it was worth the wait. The compliments are many and everyone is so surprised at how light, efficient and stylish they are. The atentiin to derail by Michael helped me with all my uncertainties and nervousness of buying my first loupes. It’s impossible to say anything but good things.

Cindy Gray
Sure optix light

I purchased the sureoptix light to replace my broken light to my loupes! I was impressed with the cost first, and once I received my light, I quickly realized it was a great purchase! It was easy to clip on to my loupes and I have used it everyday without issue. My only advice is to go ahead and get the 5 candle watt! You will love it!

Betsy Ginn
Good light

I love the cordless magnetic light- a tiny bit heavy, but overall a good light. When looking on the lingual surfaces of teeth through my mirror, the light’s reflection is a bit hard to see in the mirror- besides that, it’s a good light.

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