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Improve your vision and your posture with SureOptix loupes, from a company ran by leading experts in the industry.

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Dental Loupes made for Dentists in Los Angeles

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You are our number one priority we sanitize our showroom after every visit.


Our #1 priority is YOU! We sanitize our showroom after every visit 

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Loupes can be expensive, but we pride ourselves on offering high quality loupes that are truly affordable.

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Order your custom pair of glasses from the comfort of your home

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Superflex dental loupes for dentists, tattoo artists and many more! Best Dental Loupes!


starting at $699.99

Bespoke, lightweight loupes for dental and surgical use. Providing a full arch field of view at any magnification, and made from a proprietary frame to ensure maximum comfort from your first patient to your last.

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wireless dental ttl loupes head lights for loupes


Starting at $249.99

The world's first wireless magnetic convertible headlight, that's lightweight and more efficient than our competitors. Connects to The Sure Face Shield without all of the extra steps or attach to a clip on your glasses with effortless magnets!

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Prescription Glasses in Los Angeles

RX Glasses

Can't See? No Problem!

We have A wide selection of frames to choose from in our SureVintage collection. We have many more choices in our showroom We can have your glasses done and in your hands in 15 minutes or less. 

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Face Shield For Dentists

Cobra Magnetic Straps

Only $39.99

Magnetic straps that will help you put on and remove your Loupes as quickly as possible. Find these and other amazing accessories by clicking below!

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How​ do we do it?

We started out 9 years ago as a solo product designer looking to change the dental industry with a never seen before product.

We have perfected our online ordering system. Through removing the costs of the pushy sales reps, offices and large marketing budgets that are normally added onto the cost like other loupes companies so we can offer high quality loupes at less than half the price of our competitors without all of the wire attachments that competitor loupes offer.

Our affordable made loupes are perfect for dental students looking to strive with light-weight loupes.

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