Top 5 Dental Loupes to Consider in 2023

Dental Loupes: What you Need to Know

As a dentist or dental hygienist, you already face the issue of working in a tiny dark hole. And you do this on small objects that your naked eye cannot capture well.

Luckily, technological advancement in this industry has made things quite easy. Now, you can use dental loupes to reduce the level of difficulty.

What are dental loupes & what do they do?

Dental loupes are magnifying glasses that your dentist wears when examining your teeth, a tool that offers clinically improved results. One can use dental loupes to diagnose any tiny dental fractures with ease. Apart from that, it can also help you better detect open margin on the teeth crowns.

Dental loupes are used for magnification, which improves precision when preparing to work on the tooth. It’s a tool that will give a better view of the calculus to be removed.

With loupes, you get perfect point to mount your lighting. Our SureOptix lightweight high-powered light will sit right on any frame without any problem. This will illuminate the view of in your magnified area making it easier to work.


When using loupes, understand that an increase in magnification reduces the field of view. In other words, it determines the number of teeth you can see an any given time. You will also notice in a reduction in the amount of light from the lens, which darkens the field of view.

Most hygienists do better when they can see more teeth at a time. Therefore, choosing your magnification carefully is crucial, 2x to 3x+  magnification should be good for scaling and polishing.

For dentists, you want to be working on one tooth at a time. This helps find more details from every tooth for crown preparation. That means you need more magnification. 4x to 6x should give you a clear view.

How to choose the right dental loupes

As much as all dental loupes are good, not all are right for every user. Hence, it would help a lot if you found something specifically for your needs.

Here are factors to consider:

Type of dental loupes

There are several types of dental loupes designed for specific purposes.

  • Through-the-lens (TTL): These are loupes that come fixed on the glasses. They are always the right angle and position, but you must look over the top if you don’t want a magnified view.
  • Flip-Up: These loupes allow the use to move them out their way without removing the glasses of peeping the loupes.
  • Galilean Loupes: They are fixed at one focus level on the lens. They don’t have much magnification power.
  • Prismatic loupes: Choose these if you are looking for more magnification and better clarity.

View field

Pick a loupe promises a greater field of view. Each type offers specific settings and magnification.

Field of view on loupes are important, as well as your posture.


Larger loupes are bulkier and heavier, which makes it hard to wear for a long time. Therefore, pay attention to the ergonomic design of the device to make the right decision.

SureOptix focuses on how portable and on the go dentists are so we build them just for you. It'll feel like you're in the comfort of your home.

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Go for something you are comfortable with, in terms of budget. Consider the terms and limitations of your warranty.

5 Best Dental Loupes on the Market 

  1. SureOptix – HD TTL Loupes: Available in 2.5x to 4.0x. Offers the best precision with a variety of light weight loupes.
  2. Orascoptic – HDL Series: Available from 2.5x to 5.5x and offers better clarity.
  3. Surgitel – ErgVision Loupes: Available from 2.5x to 8.0x, lighter and better posture.
  4. Q-Optics – Prism TTL Loupes: Available from 2.5x to 5.5x.
  5. Lumadent – Prism Loupes: Available in 3.5x, lightweight and durable.


Understanding your working situation will help you choose the right dental loupe. If possible, make an appointment with us and try our loupes for free before settling on the perfect pair of loupes for you or check out your local dental-suggested university.

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