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 SureOptix was founded on the belief that dental loupes shouldn’t break your bank account. Our goal is to change the way you think about quality loupes by offering them at a revolutionary price.


 SureOptix Student and Dental Loupes. Our dentists shows it off for you!
Magnifying Hygienic Dental & Surgical Loupes
Adapted to 2020 health professional needs. Designed to be the most lightweight and made with custom loupes that comes with a special face shield made just for your ultimate comfort.   We developed this line just for the front line health care professionals. The design has been created to give you all-day comfort from work to home. Sureoptix frames are designed for your comfort with Superflex hinges for easy on and off to a custom made face shield attachment. 

 Dentist with our optical loupes attached to a face shield for the safety of your staff!

Our shields are designed to be one of the most lightweight, clear, and conformable shields on the market. The design of the face shield attachment is for health care workers to be protected without dealing with disrupting your workday by wearing extra unnecessary gear. The face shield attachment fits best with our frames but you are also able to use them on other frames as needed.

 Prescription glasses in less than 15 minutes in Los Angeles California. Come check us out today with an appointment!

Super affordable luxury . Our promise ,you will find the most unique and stylish Eyeglasses and Sunglasses anywhere in Los Angeles, California. In most cases ,you will walk out with your crisp clear Prescription Glasses in about 15 minutes! Worried about COVID? We can do all our services virtual , so you don't even have to leave your home. Give us a call now 310-997-7667. Discounted services for Frontline workers and unemployed. (everyone is entitled to look good and see well)

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