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The Try Before you buy program allows you to make sure you love our loupes before you buy them.

How does it work?

Choose a package

Choose 1 out of 6 packages. The prices are displayed to show the total cost of the contents but the trial is 100% free.

Send us a picture for your pupilary distance.

Send us a picture of you for your pupillary distance measurements. We'll show you how in a bit!

Your Loupes will be on their way!

Your loupes will ship the next day after we recieve all the required information.

You will Receive:

Sureoptix Ready-Made Side Shield TTL Loupes

  • First blue light filtering loupes.
  • Side Shield Protection.
  • Light Weight Frame
  • Compatable with our Wireless Headlight
  • Cobra Magnetic straps included.
  • Wireless headlight included

Apart of our Ready made line of TTL loupes. These loupes are adjusted to your exact magnification and Pupilary distance. They will be outfitted with our patented magnetic technology giving you the full sureoptix treatment. We have the best loupes out there and we're SURE you'll think so too!

What do I do once my trial is over?

We will be in contact with you through out the entire process. Once your trial is coming to it's end you will then be able to purchase your loupes. If you don't want to keep your loupes, then just use the return shipping label included in your package and ship us the loupes back.

How to return your loupes.


Place the Loupes in the case they arrived in Face up and facing inwards.


Place the Loupe case in the box it was shipped in. Make sure to apply the shipping label sent with the package.


Take your loupes to the nearest UPS center. Drop off the package and make sure to get a reciept!

Ready to Try our luxury TTL Dental Loupes?

Before Continuing on and filling out our Try Before You Buy application. Please make sure to read through our terms of service.
We are going to charge $100 to your credit card which will be refunded once your trial is over and we receive our loupes.

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