Improve your vision and your stance with a set of our light-weight surgical & dental loupes.


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Optic Dentist Loupes SureOptix Dental Headlight & SureOptix Face Shield

Vintage TTL Loupes

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TTL Loupes for dentists, hygienists, surgeons, or even tattoo artists!

SuperFlex TTL Loupes

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Optic Dentist Loupes SureOptix Dental Headlight & SureOptix Face Shield

Cobra TTL Loupes

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Side Shield Loups 

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ttl dental Loupes with light for dentists, hygienists, surgeons, or even tattoo artists!

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SureOptix Student TTL Loupes

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Which Frame Should I Choose?

Made for Dentists. Cobra TTL Loupes


Cobra Frames

Introducing our new frame, Cobra. Made from high quality hard plastics & rubber material with built in blue light filtering. Don't forget our built in retractable magnetic head strap to keep your loupes secured when you're working. Available in standard matte black.

  • First Blue-Light-Filtering Loupes
  • Retractable Magnetic Headstrap
  • High-Quality Rubber & Plastics
  • Super Comfortable
  • Compatible with our Clip-On Wireless Headlight


SuperFlex Frames

Made from proprietary material & virtually unbreakable! Very lightweight & made perfect for Dental loupes. Our Super-Flex Hinge Technology guarantees our user the most superior fit versus other types of eyewear. Available in 7 vibrant colors, you no longer have to stay with your traditional black only option.

  • Virtually Unbreakable
  • Ultra Light-Weight 
  • Easy to Store & Travel With
  • High-Quality Plastics
  • Included: Free Attachable Magnetic Headstrap
  • Compatible with our Clip-On Wireless Headlight
Custom Loupes for Dentists The Superflex
Vintage TTL Loupes| one of the best dental loupes


Vintage Frames

Our Favorite!  Stylish Loupes are here, Time to throw out Your Old Ugly Loupes. Available in 4 Stunning colors , these Ultra High quality Frames will surpass your expectation in every way.

  • Blue-Light-Filtering Lenses for Reduced Eye Strain 
  • Easy to Store & Travel , includes our foldable Extra Compact Case 
  • Retro and Vintage inspired Frames 
  • High-Quality Japanese Anti Reflective Glass Loupes 
  • Included: Free Attachable Magnetic Headstrap
  • Compatible with our Clip-On Wireless Headlight

Which Loupe Is Right For You?

Ready-Made Loupe

Ready Made TTL Loupes | Dental Loupes

Through the lens Loupes (TTL) That work for most people. . We configured the pupillary distance to work for most professionals. The Working Distance is 420mm. There is no measurements required. Experience wide Visual field that only TTL loupes provide without the hassles of ordering custom loupes. Backed by our 30 day Money Back Guarantee, This simple solution will save you time and money. 

Available in 2.5x & 3.5x. (420 Working Distance)


Custom-Made Loupe

Custom ttl loupes | Dental Loupes

Our Custom-Made TTL loupes are far more superior  than most high end loupes.  Significantly lighter on the nose, easier to use and maintain, and vastly superior optical quality. You will experience a widened field of vision. Instead of only being able to see 2 thumbs, you can see all 10 fingers! We're so confident you will love your loupes, we offer 30 day money back guarantee.

Available in 2.5x, 3.3x & 4.0x. Working Distance will be customized for your use.

One-Year warranty on all dental loupes, 30 day free trail if needed. All available online
Choose your pre-made loupes, 2.5x Magnification with 420mm working distance


Choose Your Loupes.

Choose between 2.5x Magnification with 420mm Working Distance or 3.0x Magnification with 420 mm Working Distance. A variety of colors!

measure your pupillary distance and working distance for your dentist loupes. Led Dental Headlights are our pride at SureOptix


Take Two Simple Measurements.

You can learn how to take measurements at the bottom of the page!

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Posture is very important for dentists, hygienists, tattoo artists and more. That's why our ttl dental loupes are the best in the business


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Measuring Your Working Distance

measure your working distance for our SureOptix Pre-Made TTL Loupes that come ready made with a 420mm working distance. Perfect for determining dental headlight settings.

As our SureOptix diagram shows, slightly tilt your head down as if you were working on a patient, but make sure your back is straight in the process & position your seat as if you were working as well. Then measure with a ruler or tape measure how far away your working distance will be. 

Measure Your Pupillary Distance

To customize the TTL (Through-The-Lens) loupes to match your personal traits, we will need your pupillary distance (PD) measurement. It is just a measurement of the distance between your pupils.

All we need is a quick measure that can even be done over facetime! home of dental loupes and dental headlights

The Pupillary Distance can be measured by us via FaceTime or Google Duo. Give us a call to determine your pupillary distance or go to your local optician (Costco, Target, Wal-Mart, Etc.) which can determine your PD for your dental loupes by using a pupilometer that every optician has. This service is usually free.

Do You Experience Back Or Neck Pain?

You are not alone. Studies show 28.5% of disability situations are due to musculoskeletal related issues. ADA states dentists have a 45% chance of being disabled by age 40.